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This table displays each of the five common socket sets and all of the metric socket sizes included with each set, sorted from smallest to largest.

Metric Socket Sizes

Some sockets sets may contain more or fewer sockets, or may contain multiple socket sets, however these are the most common metric socket sizes per set.

Metric Socket Size Chart

1/4” Socket Set3/8” Socket Set1/2” Socket Set3/4” Socket Set1” Socket Set
4 mm5.5 mm8 mm19 mm36 mm
4.5 mm6 mm9 mm20 mm38 mm
5 mm7 mm10 mm21 mm41 mm
5.5 mm8 mm11 mm22 mm46 mm
6 mm9 mm12 mm23 mm50 mm
7 mm10 mm13 mm24 mm54 mm
8 mm11 mm14 mm25 mm55 mm
9 mm12 mm15 mm26 mm58 mm
10 mm13 mm16 mm27 mm60 mm
11 mm14 mm17 mm28 mm63 mm
12 mm15 mm18 mm29 mm65 mm
13 mm16 mm19 mm30 mm67 mm
14 mm17 mm20 mm31 mm70 mm
15 mm18 mm21 mm32 mm71 mm
19 mm22 mm33 mm75 mm
20 mm23 mm34 mm77 mm
21 mm24 mm35 mm80 mm
22 mm25 mm36 mm
26 mm38 mm
27 mm40 mm
28 mm41 mm
30 mm42 mm

Metric Socket Size F.A.Q.

What are metric sockets?

Sockets are designed to remove nuts and bolts of all sizes from vehicles and machinery. Metric sockets are based on the metric measurement system of millimeters and each socket will have it's size stamped on the side. Example: 10mm, 13mm etc.

Are there metric drive sockets?

While many socket sets have sockets of Metric and Standard sizes both types of socket work with a Standard drive socket. There are no metric drive sockets, only Standard Imperial(SAE).

How can you tell the difference between metric and standard sockets?

Sockets of all kinds will have their size stamped on the side of the socket. If the size is given in millimeters(mm) it is a metric socket while if the size is given in inches or fractions of inches it is a standard socket.

Do imperial sockets fit metric?

Imperial sockets do not fit metric nuts and bolts exactly, however, a slightly larger standard socket can often be used on a metric fastener. See for useable socket size conversions.

What size is 40mm in inches?

40 mm = 1 37/64" = 1.5784 decimal inches.

Are 19mm and 3/4 the same?

Almost, 3/4 = 0.75" = 19.05 mm. A 19mm socket is .05mm smaller than a 3/4 socket.

What's better 12 point or 6 point sockets?

A 6 point socket is better at removing nuts and bolts when a lot of torque is required. Because of increased contact area it is less likely than a 12 point socket to slip or round the edges of a bolt.

Are socket drives interchangeable with other size socket sets?

Socket drives are not interchangeable with sockets of a different drive size, however, a socket adapter can be used to mate different drive sizes and sockets. A socket adapter can be used with, for example, a 1/2 socket drive to make it work with a 3/8 socket.

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