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Do you need to know which standard socket best fits a 10mm bolt? Don't have the right metric socket in your tool chest and are in a hurry to find a standard alternative? This metric to standard socket size conversion chart can help.

MM to Standard Sockets

There is no exact match between metric and standard sockets because they are two completely different measurement systems, however, it is possible to use a standard socket wrench, ratchet or spanner to remove a metric bolt.

When using a standard socket to remove a metric bolt care must be taken not to strip the bolt or round its corners. Standard sockets only fit metric bolts very loosely and damage can be caused quite easily.

If you begin to strip a bolt stop and get the right socket to finish the job. It's more time consuming to repair a damaged or broken bolt than it is to run down to the hardware store to pick up the right socket.

Metric(mm) to Standard Socket Conversion Chart

MMNearest Standard Socket
4 mm5/32 socket
5 mm13/64 socket*
6 mm15/64 socket*
7 mm9/32 socket
8 mm5/16 socket
9 mm23/64 socket*
10 mm25/64 socket*
11 mm7/16 socket
12 mm15/32 socket
13 mm33/64 socket*
14 mm35/64 socket*
15 mm19/32 socket
16 mm5/8 socket
17 mm43/64 socket*
18 mm45/64 socket*
19 mm3/4 socket
20 mm25/32 socket
21 mm53/64 socket*
22 mm55/64 socket*
23 mm29/32 socket
24 mm15/16 socket
25 mm63/64 socket*
26 mm1 1/32 socket
27 mm1 1/16 socket
28 mm1 7/64 socket*
29 mm1 9/64 socket*
30 mm1 3/16 socket
31 mm1 7/32 socket
32 mm1 17/64*
33 mm1 19/64 socket*
34 mm1 11/32 socket
35 mm1 3/8 socket
36 mm1 27/64*

* This socket size denotes a specialty size socket. It is listed on this chart because it exists but is not commonly available in store bought socket sets. These sockets can be purchased individually online from specialty tool shops.

Alternatively you can visit the socket size home page to see which COMMONLY AVAILABLE standard socket can be used. It will not fit as tightly, however, you may have it in your toolbox already.

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